One-on-One Business Mentoring

The aim of business mentoring is for an experienced business person to share their knowledge and experience with those who are either starting out, or who have been going for a while but need a fresh perspective and inspiration to take their business to the next level.

Colin Kyle, from Avondale Chartered Accountants, has over 25 years’ experience to share. Meeting with Colin will provide a sounding board to help you:

  • Establish or restructure your business
  • See your business with a fresh set of eyes
  • Implement changes necessary to increase efficiency and grow your business
  • Find support through tough times or a specific business challenge
  • Discover new marketing ideas and strategies
  • Maintain your enthusiasm for your business

There is a charge for this West Auckland business mentoring service – but we are confident that the direction and guidance you receive will make it well worthwhile.

Contact Avondale Chartered Accountants for more, no obligation, information.

ATEED Business Mentoring Service

Avondale Chartered Accountants Ltd is a member and supporter of the ATEED Business Mentoring Service.

The ATEED Business Mentoring Service is a free service offering informal business guidance to the owners and managers of Auckland businesses, particularly those who are new, growing or restructuring.

Colin Kyle is eager to share his business knowledge and skills with others and gives his time to ATEED Business Mentoring Service free of charge.

Click here to find out more about ATEED business mentoring.