FREE 30 minutes consultation

Our focus is always on the needs of our clients; and we can’t focus on our client needs unless we know what they are. That’s why there’s no charge for the first half-hour. We charge only for the work we complete.

IRD tax audits and IRD negotiation

The IRD will occasionally audit businesses and it can be a nightmare – we’ll turn it into a dream. We negotiate with IRD on behalf of our clients every day and know how to best approach every situation.

Company formation and administration

Registering a new company needs to be done correctly to ensure you comply with company laws and regulations, and to ensure you are receiving the relevant tax savings. We have two decades of experience and expertise in company formation, administration and financial support that you can rely on.

Complete money management

Some clients would rather leave their entire finances over to someone else – someone they can trust. We’re able to manage as much or as little of your finances as you’d like us to. If that means managing your bank accounts, creating and paying invoices on your behalf, etc. just let us know.


Wills are set up to ensure, when you’re gone, your assets get to the places and people your will specifies. That means your will needs to be set up properly. We can assist you in drawing up a will that is water-tight and fulfils every one of your final wishes.

All things financial

From tax to profit-loss reports, from rental properties to trusts, from personal to business to charity finances, at Avondale Chartered Accounts Ltd we’ve done it all. Please contact us for any queries you may have about your finances.

Business mentoring

If you are interested in mentoring help as you establish or restructure your business, give Colin a call.